Moving to Finland

The Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company Cursor Oy serves entrepreneurs and companies’ employees in matters related to moving and adapting to the region. We want new residents to feel at home starting on day one. If we become aware of their needs well in advance, we can be prepared to start implementing services before the actual move.



We are on the edge of change. Living on a frontier we are modern pioneers. Driven forward by the fresh sea wind. Proud of our strong heritage. Ready to work hard for better times. Restless like jazz we won't stay put and never will. We are a community rooted in centuries of tradition. We owe it to the sailors, dockworkers, moonshiners, fortress builders and working-class heroes that forged the original spirit of the region and its inhabitants. True to our nature we are constantly evolving. Because we are raw by nature! 

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