For families

The Kotka and Hamina region provides day-care services for children in English and Swedish and education for young people in Swedish. The region offers diverse day-care services from play activities to family day care and flexible shift day care.

The current day care situation is commendable. The maximum queuing time day care placement is four months. Placement may be granted within two weeks in case of unexpected circumstances. It is good to plan day care as early as possible when planning to move to the region.

To balance day care and school, the region offers children and young people many pleasant hobby activities.

We are on the edge of change. Living on a frontier we are modern pioneers. Driven forward by the fresh sea wind. Proud of our strong heritage. Ready to work hard for better times. Restless like jazz we won't stay put and never will. We are a community rooted in centuries of tradition. We owe it to the sailors, dockworkers, moonshiners, fortress builders and working-class heroes that forged the original spirit of the region and its inhabitants. True to our nature we are constantly evolving. Because we are raw by nature! 

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