The Kotka-Hamina region offers exceptionally diverse opportunities for travel business. Here, you will find no trouble building your success story, whether in experience-oriented tourism, accommodation or other travel services.

Strengths of the coast of good winds:

  • Sea and archipelago
  • River Kymijoki and its rapids
  • Kotka and its award-winning urban parks
  • Historic Hamina
  • Numerous historical sights, natural locations and the awe-inspiring “Arktika” – northbound mass migration of Arctic birds
  • Diverse international events and a vibrant cultural scene

Travel is a growing field

Travel is a growing field in the region, and there are plenty of markets within reach as 10 million people live within 300 km of Kotka.

Approximately 70% of accommodations are booked by people travelling within Finland. The growth potential for tourism from foreign countries is massive. On a national level foreign tourism is expected to increase at an annual rate of 4–5%.

The location right next to Russia is an incredible opportunity. Germany and the UK are other important markets. In the future, Asia – especially Japan and China – may become significant market areas. The new fast motorway to the airport supports this development.


The Kotka-Hamina region is home to some 1,000 companies that either operate in the field of tourism or are somehow connected to it. They provide accommodation, restaurant services, experiences and trips in the archipelago, for example..


The travel sector in the region is strong due to the wealth of appealing sights and services in the area. Each new company is warmly welcomed to the coast of good winds. Assistance and services are available even if the only thing you have right now is an exciting business idea.

The Kotka-Hamina region strives to service business owners in a variety of ways and help with their networking efforts. The services aimed at travel business include the following:

  • Networking
  • Training and competence development
  • Business development and consulting
  • Support for marketing and communications is available from the region-wide Southeast135 service, which serves both tourists and entrepreneurs.

Invest in Experience

We are on the edge of change. Living on a frontier we are modern pioneers. Driven forward by the fresh sea wind. Proud of our strong heritage. Ready to work hard for better times. Restless like jazz we won't stay put and never will. We are a community rooted in centuries of tradition. We owe it to the sailors, dockworkers, moonshiners, fortress builders and working-class heroes that forged the original spirit of the region and its inhabitants. True to our nature we are constantly evolving. Because we are raw by nature! 

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